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shnth (Shlisp) question
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Author shnth (Shlisp) question
I'm trying to jump patches via major button with this:

(jump (major 1 ))

The problem is, in one bouillabaisse it just works but not in the other one. In them jump command is at top layer and major button is not shared by anything. It's not in the complicated patch and the both texts don't seem to be broken. I'm scratching head for hours what could be a problem for not working this rather simple thing.. Any hint I'm missing here somebody could point out?

whole code is like:

{(jump (major 1 ))
(bend (salsa (dust -60 )(smoke )))
(left (right (wave (modo (comb (xor (right (left ))(horn  (bar )(saw )))(saw (bard )(horn ))(corp )(corp ))60 )(barc )(corpb ))))
 (srate 77 (corpb -4 ))
(lights 1 )

{(jump (major 1 ))
(bend (salsa (dust -26 )(smoke )))
(left (right (wave (modo (comb (xor (right (left ))(horn  (bar )(saw )))(saw (bard )(horn ))(corp )(corp ))81 )(barc )(corpb ))))
 (srate (barb )(-48 ))
(lights 2 )

{(bend (salsa (dust -49 )(smoke )))
(left (right (wave (modo (comb (xor (right (left ))(horn  (bar )(saw )))(saw (bard )(horn ))(corp )(corp ))32 )(barc )(corpb ))))
 (srate (barb )(-14 ))
(lights 4 )
(jump (major 1 ))};bb
Off the top of my head I can't see anything wrong with the jump but I know srate can deadlock if it gets a zero.

I'll have to run your code later to see
Sorry, pretty late to reply. I've tried to remove srate from the code but it didn't seem to make any difference. Actually I removed almost everything and the jump still doesn't work and I don't get what's wrong at all Dead Banana think I need to study more... we're not worthy
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