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Help for my 1 Eurorack
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Author Help for my 1 Eurorack
Hi guys, well i tried to search but no luck with this.

im going to eurorack and thinking of this case for my needs but couldn t find the right info about what PSU etc do i have to buy to do the DIY for this case to get it powered etc.

I allready purchased the Doepfer A-100 DIY Kit #1, is this the right kit to do this or do i need more stuff

Case is a 9U from Thomann

The Doepfer DIY kit is a solid PSU. You don't need anything more. Just install everything properly in your case. I assume you have a 9U 19" mixer case. You'll need some rack ears to install the rails for the modules. And of course since you probably want to make use of the whole 9U you need two more rails since the Doepfer DIY kit ships with four rails which allow for only two rows aka 6U.

AND: The Doepfer DIY PSU delivers a maximum of 1200 mA. So given the possible amount of modules you can install in 9U you might go beyond that limit depending on your choice of modules.

For the rails: Check out Schneiders Laden. They offer some cheap rails and rack ears.

For the power specs of your chosen modules check their manuals or visit Modular Grid. Then add all the mA the individual modules draw. If you are a fair amount below the 1200 mA limit you're fine.
Search is broken, which happens periodically (I think it has to do with some kind of DDoS attack people target this forum with for some reason.

There are several stickies at the top of this forum for beginners. You are not really asking a specific question here, I would start with those sets of notes and then come back if you have specific concerns.

Welcome to modular Rockin' Banana! It's peanut butter jelly time! Dead Banana
Hi guys, many many thanks !!
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