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Let's introduce me
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Author Let's introduce me
It's peanut butter jelly time!
Hello, I am new here. I make music and I am a computer geek.

I used to play with gears, lot of gears. I was buying and selling at eBay and I think I got almost everything you can dream of under my hands.

But now I am 100% plugins with a A300PRO Roland (with aftertouch!) as main control keyboard.

Since VST3 and 64 bits float internal computing, some synths happen to sounds exactly the same as the real gear. The number of Plugins I use would not fit in my room. I specially like the roland cloud ones
They are killing the competition Promars, SH-02, JX-3p they are excellent.

Now about my music. Here is a track from my latest album, enjoy! c-equations

[s] odic-equations[/s]

(soundcloud inclusion is not working for me, I get "Loading Soundcloud" and nothing else)
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