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Voltages and Fh-2 Calibration
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Author Voltages and Fh-2 Calibration
Hi Os (or anyone),

I have been having problems with auto-calibration. Both my oscillators (a Braids and a Dixie) accept voltages below 0v, so I've set the output voltages on the FH-2 to -5 to +5. But when I calibrate, it only gives me a 4-octave range. Initially I thought this might be an issue with the octave switch on the Dixie, but I'm having the same problem with the Braids.

Now here's the thing. If I DON'T calibrate, I can use the full 5 octave range of my Linnstrument (it's actually more if you transpose).

Obviously, not calibrating a digital oscillator is fine. But on the Dixie, it goes a little out of tune if I don't calibrate. Last night at practice I just used the Braids uncalibrated and it was problem free, but I'd love to find a more permanent solution. Any ideas?

Thank you.
What does the calibration look like/sound like? Are you using the cleanest output waveform on the VCO (triangle is best)?
I’ve been using sine. Will try triangle. Basically, I lose the top or bottom octave, so if I play a note above where it’s willing to go, the FH-2 just drops it an octave.
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