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iOS apps for slow IPads
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Author iOS apps for slow IPads
I commandeered my wife's old Ipad 3 that she wasn't using with the intent of using it as an audio processor.

Unfortunately I'm finding I'm limited to apps that can support iOS 9.3.5 as that is the last iOS the IPad 3 will update to.

I'm also finding some of the apps I was intending on using seem to be too CPU heavy to work without crashing (Turnado, WOW). Some apps that don't crash will distort when I operate them in real time. It is a digital distortion that I am guessing is due to CPU overload.


Are there any apps you would recommend that can be ran on iOS 9.3.5 and have a low CPU load? Any "old favorites" that are still around for downloading from the app store?

This is fun!
Audulus? hmmm.....
Nanostudio1 (Freeware)
I still use Samplr, Borderlands, iVCS3, Fugue Machine, Patterning, Fieldscaper, Soundscaper, Animoog on my iPad 3 and they all work fine. Also AUM and Audiobus. They might be old versions but I think they will still download from the App Store.
Many thanks! I'll try some of those apps out this weekend.

I totally forgot about Patterning. That app is awesome!
I have Fugue machine which is a very good idea generator. It's easy to use and crazy cheap. I recorded it straight into Cubasis 2 on my mini iPad.
BTW, I find the mini iPad too crampy for my average size fingers. I should've bought a regular iPad! d'oh!
Grooverider GR-16 runs quite well on my iPad 2. Fabulous thing.
on the used marked there might be some MFI interfaces to be found. They can be rather useful for older iPads. You can use them for one or two task only, like processing MIDI and audio, and integrate them into a studio environment.
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