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Some thoughts about Mike
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Author Some thoughts about Mike
Also posted on the Metasonix FB page:

Very sad news about Mike McGrath.

He really, really liked Metasonix in the early days, pre-2008 when the Euro scene first started to gain momentum. Bought quite a few TMs and TXes, and we even made him a custom TX-2. Mike was the only forum operator who was openly helping small manufacturers without demanding $$ in return. In 2007 I asked him if Metasonix could have a dedicated manufacturer's section on the forum and he set it up without any discussion and without asking anything in return. I think it was either the first or second, along with Blacet. He also set up a Zerosum section at my request. See for yourself. This is the oldest archive of the forum I could find, October 2007.

I met him in person only a few times, usually at Winter NAMM. in 2013 we had a "2 hour businessman's lunch" and had a great time talking about the crazy business of modular and all kinds of other things. He truly was a kind, decent, funny and tolerant human being. And in the slightly insane/spergy world of music synthesizers, that made him a near-endangered species.

In the past few years I was not in contact with him very much. Apparently he lost a good-paying job, tried to start a dealership that failed, and then underwent a very ugly divorce. Not being privy to the whole story, only to scuttlebutt on the forum and FB, if you want to know more I'd have to refer you to a forum moderator or one of his closer friends.

Vaya con dios, old salt. Your absence makes the world a little sadder and a little darker.

The first photo uploaded to Mike's website, November 2006:
Thanks for sharing. This place is so awesome, for many reasons. Good souls.
Yes Powder
RIP Mike. He will be missed, but not forgotten.
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