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Experimental Bat Music
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Author Experimental Bat Music
My wife’s company has a fleet of bat detectors, and she was nice enough to borrow one for me. The bat calls are fairly “dry” at the beginning, just to give the viewer an idea of what they sound like, after being pitched down below 20kHz. The parts where they ramp up in occurrence—to what sounds like almost audio rate—are the bats increasing the frequency of their calls as they try to catch a bug mid-flight. The closer they get to their target, the more they try to increase their resolution.

Apparently Melanie can identify different species by ear, but she hasn’t done it yet. I can ask her to in case anyone is interested.

Apologies for not owning a Clouds. Because Bats>Rings>Clouds twisted

Anabat SD2 > 7U

PS - This capture was in no way coordinated with lauprellim. We just happened do two different videos that both incorporated natural elements in the same week. And apologies to that user for hijacking their thread title. It seemed too obvious hihi
this is such a cool idea, subbed
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