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Arturia Collection v7
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Author Arturia Collection v7
Just released. New additions: Mellotron (with ability to load user samples), CZ101 and Synthi.
Waiting for the inevitable sale before v8 collection is released wink I just picked up v6 a few weeks ago, so I have plenty of new toys to mess with.

I've got great mellotron emulation already from GForce, but the Synthi would be a cool addition. Goes well with their other synths, too. I'm interested if they'll be adding a slew of tapes for their Mellotron, like GForce has... and what all comes with it, but, yeah... I'll toss Arturia $50 or so in a year when the upgrade goes to Black Friday sale prices, or something. grin
Darn. Just bought 6 earlier this year. Its an amazing product.
As usual their servers are ill-equipped to cope with demand. Been downloading the Synthi demo for 4hours now and it's only about 20% very frustrating
I am still at V5, but tempted by this one. Synthi looks really interesting considering the fact I would probably never get my hands on the real thing.

CZ101 was a surprise. It’s the only pseudo-vintage synth I own, really unique in sound but not fun to program on that tiny lcd, so software could really help in that department. But I have to say that those two videos on the CZ sounded nothing like the original I’ve got. Maybe it was the effects and all the extra modulation they added - I don’t want to judge it too soon - but I am curious to hear some opinions from some people who are familiar with the sound.

In fact, something I noticed about arturia synths lately is that they all sound kind of “samey” to me. I’m talking about classic analog emulations like the minimoog, sem, jupiter, etc., not the new digital ones like synclavier or the fairlight. Somehow if I can’t make the patch work in a track, switching to another synth hardly adds anything fresh. It’s almost as if I switched a preset rather than the whole synth. Maybe I’m just bored cause I’ve been using these plugins for years, but I never get that feeling with eurorack. For example, MI Ripples sounds completely different from the Doepfer SEM filter in a way that the plugins don’t.

Anyway, just wondered if anybody feels that way about arturia synths. The upgrade isn’t cheap at $200, and with so many other options these days I am not sure whether I want to go down that path.
secretkillerofnames wrote:
As usual their servers are ill-equipped to cope with demand. Been downloading the Synthi demo for 4hours now and it's only about 20% very frustrating

I upgraded today, went smooth except for Mellotron V, which gives a download error.
EMS instruments are my specialty, taking care of them is my job.

In March 2018, Baptiste Le Goff, a Product Manager of Arturia, asked me if I could cooperate to a software Synthi AKS project that would be the best ever by giving infos and testing the software to get it as close as possible to the real thing. I replied I'd be happy to cooperate as long as Arturia has an agreement with Robin Wood. He replied that they had contacted Robin, he was ok and an agreement was pending. I trusted him and accepted.

I helped them providing many info about operation and circuits, replying the developer's questions... At some point they asked me if I could help find a Synthi for sale or to rent, I offered to lend one of my perfectly working AKS. In September 2018 I visited the Arturia premises in Grenoble to bring the Synthi, meet the crew and see the first drafts of the software. Everybody there was very friendly and at the time of signing the lending contract, I asked about the agreement with Robin and was told all was ok.

There was no actual agreement with Robin, they even stole his SYNTHI brand behind his back. So they are thieves and liars.
More details about this sad story on storder=asc&start=0

I resigned in February 2019 and they returned my Synthi.

Next to this, the untruthful communication about the MicroFreak introducing it as a "collaboration with their friends of Mutable Instruments" (it was not, they just used Mutable Instruments' open source code) made me realize a bit lately that they actually did not want any real input from me, most suggestions that I did about the software were instantly rejected even before to give them a try 'it will be too difficult technically', despite I insisted on that these were essential to reproduce the "real" Synthi experience they claim they want to offer. I found it suprising because at the same time they told they wanted me to be very picky when I'd test the software, and point any difference.
I was naive. It's now clear that they were more interested in using me and my good reputation regarding the Synthi to do name dropping, like they did with Mutable Instrument and in their promotional videos for other products.

I didn't test the software, but I'm not surprised to read that it doesn't sound like a Synthi. It just can't sound neither behave like a Synthi the way it was done.
There was a furore over the upgrade price for V6 by many of the long term customers. Not surprised they didn't listen. V7 is even more of a rip-off than V6.

Wait until January/February when they will reduce the price to £99.
Anyone interested in VCS3/Synthi emulation software that actually does sound quite close to the real deal should check out the XILS 4 from xils lab:

"The XILS 4 emulates a prototype that was never released, the EMS VCS4, based on two intricate and interacting VCS 3 ( Synthi) cores. We also coupled them with the famous 256 analog polysequencer

Like the 2nd huge Pin Matrix, and its numerous additional modules :
Envelopes, LFOs, S&H, Voltage Processor, Pitch Tracker, Transient etc. Or the recreation of the unique, powerful 256 analog Polysequencer, intimately tied to the synthesis engines. Add to that the analog Chorus ( 3 modes ) Delay and Phaser, the Spring Reverb, and the picture emerges.

In the XILS 4, you can connect everything with everything, and you get more than 1140 possible different connexions per patch. Did we say at Audio Rate ?

An endless source of inspiration for those who want to go deep into the heart of Analog Modular Synthesis."

They also offer a XILS 3 LE "light" version with a single VCS3 panel and no 256 polysequencer panel 35 Euros vs 179 for XILS4:

And check out their Synthex and RSF PolyKobol 2 plugins for more emulations of rare synths.

FWIW, I have and like the Modular V and ARP2600V from Arturia, but am also disappointed to hear about some of their recent development practices.
As usual their servers are ill-equipped to cope with demand. Been downloading the Synthi demo for 4hours now and it's only about 20% very frustrating

Same's always like that for me, will try again tonight...

My main reason for interest in Arturia's Synthi is I want to check out the Pin Matrix...that's would be the interesting and fun part for me.
papz, thank you for sharing this information. Very disappointing. It has made me reconsider any future purchases from Arturia. I have the XILS4 (and their excellent EMS-style XILS 5000 vocoder) and am quite happy with them. Thankfully there are quality software alternatives to choose from.
The Space Disco
I love the virtual CZ vst from plugin Boutique. Sounds the same as the real deal. Cheaper!
That synthi vst is an instant classic for someone who has used the og’s and other clones and loves Roland stuff also. It as if drexicya got hold a synthi and created a synthi hybrid.
The Arturia synthi sounds very Roland like in poly mode.
Guess it’s the 303 filter and all that.
Thanks nostalghia and papz for enlightening me about Arturia. I signed up for it last month on splice. Gonna cancel it by end of the month. Piss poor marketing imo.
I just gave XILS the light version a try and really like it so far. Probably going for the whole thing eventually
Love eberything arturia but i have some kind of buyers remorse over the 200 EUR upgrade for basically another mellotron. should hav held out until v8 maybe, now i paid 700 for what is on sale at 400 right now.

but hey they deserved it i guess.
The Space Disco wrote:
I love the virtual CZ vst from plugin Boutique. Sounds the same as the real deal. Cheaper!

I just did the same recently! Virtual CZ is great and can be used as an editor for hardware CZs. I enjoy the CZ Phase Distortion sound and it's surprisingly easy to program.
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