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For Mike (music made with mike)
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Author For Mike (music made with mike)

2 songs and 1 unedited live jam with Mike. The high end on the first one will tear your head off but I don't care because that is exactly how Mike recorded it, so I left it untouched when I layered my parts on top of it. Those 2 songs were done later winter early spring 2007. They both started with hearing his modular recording, then adding stuff on top. The live jam was recorded the first night I met Mike in person when he was in town for a business trip. We basically just made all the noises that we were talking about when we were drinking and getting dinner. I put my guitar in his hand and plugged him into a bunch of pedals and he kept strumming away and I kept mangling up the sound twisting knobs. TM-1, Sonic Alienator, Torn's Peaker(picked up a radio station with a preacher talkin aboot Demons!), Flanger Hoax, probably every other pedal I had at the time. You can totally hear the TM-1!!! Live jam is untouched and left exactly as it was recorded in that moment.
I love you Mike.
epic noise! good times smile

that preacher talking shit is great.
thumbs up we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy screaming goo yo
thanks for sharing!
Perfect listening
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