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Our answer to modular polyphony: Supercritical Synthesizers
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Author Our answer to modular polyphony: Supercritical Synthesizers
JES wrote:
For those that are using the module and expander for polyphony, how is it with a mono filter after. Do you miss polyphonic filtering, or is poly ADSR on the module good enough for live play?

Even though multiple outputs would be ideal, the single output works well for me through any filter (Ripples, Wasp, Moog).

In my experience, the retrigger option is key. If you're holding a chord with your right hand and playing a bass line on the left, you don't want to retrigger the filter envelope (and re-articulate that higher sustained chord) with every bass note.

Conversely, a lead melody over a sustained chord works best if the filter envelope is retriggered with every lead note, and the fact that the chord goes through the same filter opening and closing again doesn't matter that much, as it's in a lower register.

By setting the retrigger behavior appropriately, I don't really miss having a separate filter envelope per voice, thanks in part to the individual VCA envelopes. Also, sending that mono output through a good stereo reverb makes it super lush and wide.

ckwjr wrote:
The A/R envelope on the expander is ok. I think it's good enough for a lot of situations, but it may or may not be what you need.

It's a full ADSR envelope. You can set the Decay and Sustain stages by holding the Function button and turning the Attack and Release knobs. That's crucial for polyphonic playing, in my opinion, as it allows a new note to draw attention to itself, then fade into the rest of the chord as it goes into its sustain stage.
Oh thanks for letting me know about setting sustain/decay!
Okay, it's time for the first official firmware update, v1.1 is out, see (end of page)!

The update fixes two things:
1. Since the control for the amplitude in the virtual VCA's is digital, there is some inherent noise when the amplitude is changing, and this was audible on medium attack and release. However, the level of the noise was _much_ higher than strictly necessary, and the new firmware takes advantage of that to reduce the noise to essentially inaudible.
2. There was a bug where the maximum frequency was limited to about 600Hz, if the module was set to Pulse waveform, five voices, stack of three. The limit has been lifted to 2.5kHz.

Hopefully you'll have no problem updating!
Updated the firmware; thanks!
Nuts & bolts day! We’re listening 80’s pop today. This second batch is going to be bubbly. The playlist’s name is titled ”80’s - Miami Cocaine”. Last batch was made to the beats of Aavikko.


Härifrån tvättas! This is a teaser of a new prototype we're working on. All the filtering and distortion is from this new circuit. No external modules used apart from the Demon Core Osc. Its's set on basic 2 saw mode with 8 note polyphony.

So far we've described the machine to be/have "SEM-my", "liquid", "crunchy", "distortion for days", "capable to be very unstable", "formant-y" and of course basic "fat". Depending on how you adjust it.

It's analog.
looking forward to hearing those modes!
Yeah, that sounds spectacular. Very versatile, from clean to dirty, even a bit of WASP-y warble around 4:40. love
dooj88 wrote:
looking forward to hearing those modes!

"Modes? Where we’re going, we don’t need modes."
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