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Knurled nut driver?
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Author Knurled nut driver?
I have been wondering if there is such a thing as a driver for knurled nuts that you get on 3.5mm jack sockets? I see there are slots on either side of the nut, but not sure if there's a dedicated tool available to tighten them?
Yes there is! thumbs up If you just do a Google search on your subject title you will find them. cool

Here's a couple threads on Muff's:

Check out the Exploding Shed nut driver set. Currently out of stock but maybe write and ask when they will be in stock again?
the erthenvar is discontinued but I have it here. I will never sell it. someone should petition him to commission the factory to make more again.
Xicon 382-0006 is the red handled one you see pics of when you search. Natch - 0 stock currently at Mouser. If you go this way know that you will have to file down the teeth quite a bit before this works with typical 3.5mm knurled nuts.

I have one and will never part with it.
I have one of the Exploding Shed ones and I love it. I highly recommend it.
This place says they have 6 in stock:

It's in the US.
Heads up everyone, the knurled nut tool from Exploding Shed is available again.
solaranus wrote:
Heads up everyone, the knurled nut tool from Exploding Shed is available again.

Is it? Webpage shows out of stock for me.

Edit: nevermind me, I was looking at the 4 part set, the driver for thonkikon's are in stock.
Dang, those sold out fast.
Jeez, did they make like 2 sets or what? Lol.

There's got to be a more reliable source for something like this.!
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