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D-1000 PSU Experiments
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Author D-1000 PSU Experiments
So I invoulantarily experimented with PSU´s for my D-1000

I was playing with my (recently modded for res pots by me) d-1000 last night and found the experience to be quite amusing... The d-1000 felt really controllable, I was suprised at how easy it was to tune the drums to liking, they stayed at a steady pitch and I thought the knobs had more useful range, the highs sounded absolutely great, the beats felt like they were having this great swing, there seemed to be more boogie in the machine than ever before. Everything seemed to work together better. the sounds also blended together more. I thought it must have been my good mood that day and then all of a sudden! nothing woah

Fuck I thought! now I have to send the thing to the US and Eric is gonna yell at me for modding it and fucking it up in the process.

Thank god I discovered I had used the wrong PSU... I was using a 18v AC 500 mA PSU. that thing got hot as hell and isnt functioning anymore (it was hot for at least another half hour!)

After plugging the right PSU (12v AC 1670 mA) in everything was alright again. but I do think I prefer the way it behaved with the 18v 500mA supply. but throwing out a supply each half hour of use wouldnt be a real solution. and I´m concerned with its innards

Eric, if you are reading this (or anyone else who can say anything useful or not). What was probably causing the behaviour described above? the lower power rating or the higher voltage? or something else? would you know of a safe way of achieving the same behaviour?

so yeah, basically I want to know if the specs handed in the manual (12 to 16 vAC @ 1500mA) are there to insure safety of the device or to make it behave as disgined? and if there is some range in witch its still safe to use but the results would be different.

Thanks for any thoughts (except for thinking I´m an ass for using the wrong PSU)
Yes YOU ARE AN ASS seriously, i just don't get it

Feeding it 18v would have overheated the regulator chips and maybe caused capacitors in the +70v supply to go bad. But it "probably" was not damaged in this case.

If you start fucking with higher voltages "because they sound different" I will spank you with a My Little Pony baseball bat.
I usually try to avoid saying dumb shit but does that mean using lower power ratings might be safe?

I hope my teletubbies bike helmet will mellow the blows a bit. hihi
Whatever power adapter you use, make sure it puts out at least 1 amp, or more. Smaller ones will run hot and might fail prematurely.
metasonix wrote:

If you start fucking with higher voltages "because they sound different" I will spank you with a My Little Pony baseball bat.

Good thing for you this isn’t a Brony board or you’d get some takers.
I wrote about power supply substitution w/Metasonix products a few years ago. I know that search is broken but you could look for the thread in the Metasonix sub-forum.
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