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Medician Stars - a four song EP about the moons of Jupiter
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Author Medician Stars - a four song EP about the moons of Jupiter
Hello friends, I’m happy to share a four-song EP I just released entitled “Medician Stars”. It was inspired by the four Galilean moons of Jupiter: Io, Ganymede, Europa, and Callisto. Like my other album, it’s a concept set of pieces performed with a small amount of tools.

All of the songs were recorded in one take with no overdubs. I used the same Eurorack system that I did for the full length album Moonbase Alpha. Reverbs come from Valhalla and the great Floodverb in Reaktor by boscomac.

Once again I used noise intentionally on each track: volcanic rumblings, underground seas, and thin windswept atmospheres.

I like Bandcamp because it includes liner notes, and there you can read more about the moons and tracks below:

It will also be up shortly on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, etc. Those take longer to process.

I’m open to any feedback or criticism you may have. Thanks for checking it out.

Wow, awesome!

It is fascinating what such a relatively small system (at least by muff wiggler standards hihi) is capable of, especially with single takes without overdubs. Your music is a reminder for me that maybe more modules are not necessarily the answer..

I really like your clever use of noise to give the tracks some background texture, in Moonbase Alpha it made the station feel alive, here it provides some depth to the moons.

Again, well done! thumbs up
Wow, thanks for the kind words and taking the time to listen. smile That really means a lot.

It's up on Spotify now, too:

iTunes is up as well, the other stores are coming online in the next few days.
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