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What does it take to get ARP mode in Juno 66 fixed ?
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Author What does it take to get ARP mode in Juno 66 fixed ?
Hello tubbutec,

A few users have reported an issue with the Juno 66's ARP, which makes it works in a wrong and unmusical way, or at least very differently than how Juno 60 does:

- Set ARP to Up/Down and range to 3 octaves

- Hold C0, E0 , G0 (lowest octave), it plays:
C0 E0 G0 C1 E1 G1 C2 E2 G2 E2 C2 G1 E1 C1 G0 E0

These are 16 steps a loop. It's usable and sounds musical, and also as originally in the Juno 60.

- Now hold C3, E3, G3 (mid or top octave), it would play:
C3 E3 G3 C4 E4 G4 C5 C5 G4 E4 C4 G3 E3

This is a 13 steps loop, it's unmusical, can't really be useful and is not as originally on a Juno 60.

We've been waiting for a fix for many months now, would you be able to finally fix this minor issue for us, so we can get our ARP back to work as it should ?

Your support in your user-base is appreciated.
Just so we are on the same page.. how does the original Juno behave in this situation?
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