rDelay analog style reverse delay

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rDelay analog style reverse delay

Post by Jaromir » Thu May 02, 2019 12:28 pm

Hi i wanted to schare my latest device:

rDelay is an analog style reverse delay plugin for Ableton made in Max for Live. The rDelay is a versatile delay device capable of swell delay sounds to destroying analog style delays sounds. The device includes multiple modules to shape sound and to to create new sounds.

Stereo delay from 0 to 5000ms can also be synced.
adjustable re-pitch time can also be synced
real-time audio reversing
Adds wobble and noise
24db Ladder filter in feedback path of the delay
-Pitch Shift
transpose from 24-/24+ semitones

Download the device: https://gum.co/rDelay
My other plugins: https://gumroad.com/jaromir

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