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Analog Systems- opinions anyone?
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Author Analog Systems- opinions anyone?
new guy here, Mr. Flight Of Harmony pointed me to these forums.

I recently switched over to the modular world because I was frustrated by not being able to produce the results I wanted, or recreate them accurately when using pedals and outboard FX chained together. so far I like all the control and accuracy I am getting. but, there are a couple of my favorite pedals that I can't seem to find in modular format- one is my digital delay, the other my harmonizer/pitch shifter.
I don't really want an analog delay, at least not as my primary, I want the cleanest and most accurate delay possible, regardless of it its a bit sterile. so I was looking at the Analog Systems delay. yeah its damn pricey, but for me it might be worth it. I was also looking at the harmonic generator too.
anyone have any experience with any of their modules, or those two specifically? wondering if folks think they are worth the price, reliable, built well, or if someone may recommend any cheaper replacement modules?
i don't have any experience with the analog systems module and i'm guessing that you maybe want to stick with eurorack format modules but, if not, i think modcan's digital delay might interest you.

I love the Asys RS-390 Echo. It's one of the the only modules (also RS-290) that does that tape like pitch bending when you change the delay rate.

Big City Music did this demo:
Are you referencing the rs390 Echo or the rs290 VC Delay/Sampler? Here's a few videos of both modules in use, in addition to the rs390 video ReWire posted above:

A.S. rs290 VC Delay/Sampler -

A.S. rs390 Echo -

Have you tried an Insert/Send module? There's obviously a lack of parameter CV control, but using an Insert/Send module like Doepfer's or Cwejman's would allow you to interface your modular with some of your favorite pedals and avoid the signal level and path incompatibilities. If you're just looking for a simple clean delay and already own a pedal that matches that description, an Insert/Send module might fit your needs perfectly.
brandon daniel
My 290 is the delay in this:

all the low-bitrate decay effects are a result of the 290. It's a lot of fun, if you're willing to shell out that kind of cash.
I'd suggest you ring them directly and chat to them, I've got 4 of their modules (in stock and sent within the week) and they were as friendly as if I had a large system
I don't have the AS delays but do have the sequencer, VCO, comb filter, env generator and VCA. They're all great modules and Big City was cool to do business with. I do have the Tiptop Z5000 digital effects module and it has a fine digital delay on it plus a bunch of reverbs and flanging type effects.

I'm waiting for the E600 analog delay but that modcan delay looks awesome! How easily do modcans and euroracks interact?
How does the Z5000 compare to the AS delay/echo modules? Anyone have an opinion?

Considering there's only one delay setting with one parameter (time) on the Z5000, they really don't compare at all. CVing that parameter can get you some strange results, that may or may not be desired. It sounds decent enough for a delay that's a part of a multi-FX unit, but if you're really after a dedicated echo/delay, it likely won't do much for ya.
dougcl wrote:
How does the Z5000 compare to the AS delay/echo modules? Anyone have an opinion?


I have an opinion: Don't consider the Z5000 for delay duties as opposed to any of the other options available.


I just ordered the Analogue Systems RS290 & RS295 Mighty combo of Echo/Delay/Sampling/Ruling-of-the-Universe. I'll report back on those when they arrive.

I've also got the Moogerfooger MF-104 and it is made out of 'kick-ass'. However, since you mentioned 'clean' this would just be on the edge of working for you. If you go over to the 'Long' delays it is what all the kids call "warm". This is to say that the high-end disappears faster than Janet Jackson's top during a Wardrobe Malfunction. Dubbalicious though.
so far I have just been interfacing the modular with my pedals, but for portability sake I would love to just have everything in my euro case. plus, the addition of CV control would be great, and leave my hands free letting me get more in depth with my patches than having to worry about my delay the whole time
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