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Journal: Making a "virtual band"/sequencer ensembl
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Author Journal: Making a "virtual band"/sequencer ensembl
Over the last few years, during the winter, I'd get tremendous writers block. I had no motivation to make music, and the idea of making a complete track was overwhelming and anxiety-inducing. very frustrating

Faced with this problem, I decided to try and hack my way out of it by learning more about music theory, sequencers, and generativity - making a lot out of a little. The first winter produced pretty mediocre results. The next one, decent. After this winter - I think I'm onto something! nanners

I'll cut to the chase - I now have a clear goal, a project if you will. I plan to create a model of a "virtual band," by way of idiosyncratic and interconnected Max For Live sequencers, each generating its own material, which can then be shaped/enhanced/mangled by way of logical conditions derived from tonal music theory, performance-focused controls, and information derived from the other "musicians" as they're playing (like a real musician would do!). I want to create performance sequencers for different tasks (e.g. melodic lead, rhythm chords, bass, percussion), which all share a common "brain" that acts as a virtual conductor of sorts, gluing the ensemble together, and reigning it in as a guide-able whole.

I'm keeping myself open to all ideas, and exploring concepts from all of music history/theory/practice, everything from dub mixing and DJ battles to Neo-Riemannian tonal theory and modal jazz - looking for inspiration wherever it strikes. I'm also planning on looking into machine learning and more cutting edge ideas (a little ways down the road).

So far, I've been working on the melodic lead sequencer, a "breakout" of the ML-185/Metropolis sequencer (probably my favorite of all time). I've added pattern memory (much needed!), randomization, preset morphing, an offset control, and a bunch of other conveniences.

I'll upload it once I've tidied up this version a bit.

I'll also be posting random clips of generated music, showing progress of the concept (aaand hopefully being decently enjoyable to listen to hihi) below:


I'll post a lot more details as I go on with the project. Feel free to give any ideas or ask any questions you've got!

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