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Collapsable Rolling Studio Cart?
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Author Collapsable Rolling Studio Cart?
Hey guys,
we're looking for a Collapsable Rolling Studio Cart on which we can temporarily set up gear during sessions and that can be folded up and take up very little space once the session's over. Ideally, it should be able to hold a couple keyboards or a computer and monitor, drum machines, etc.

Has anyone got any recommendations? I found this one, but I suspect there's better. H85ZY1N

That one you found looks pretty good? I don't have any models to recommend but a quick Google search on collapsible rolling table came up with some interesting looking models.
Would you sacrifice the wheels (mobility) for height adjustability? I hate stooping over gear.
I bought this, an aluminium painters platform:
I'm tall and it comes up to a nice height but can be set lower for shorter musos; legs fold underneath when finished. Can easily pick it up to pack away, I store it in a gardening shed when not in use. Strong enough to hold a DJ coffin loaded with mixer, laptop and 2 turntables. It's replaced my stupid not sturdy X frame keyboard stands.
And I also used it to paint my office hihi
Dave Peck
Check places like the major industrial supply sources, like U-Line, McMaster-Carr and Grainger. Hundreds of choices at those sites.
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