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Why can't I record a guitar tone for shit?
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Author Why can't I record a guitar tone for shit?
Help me out. So my playing is what it is, not great, but for the life of me, every time I try to record guitar, the tone just sounds weak af, and lifeless.

I have a modular w/ a Pico input. I have a pedal board w/ a Strymon Flint and other delectables.

I have a Clarett 4pre, a DI box, all kinds of stuff. Everything just sounds so lifeless.

What do I do? Help!
It's the hazard of DI-ing guitars. At least to me, and I never do it. I always either record with a guitar amp and a mic or two, or DI it and later re-amp it through a guitar amp.

The EQ contour is so different through a guitar amp and speaker. You could try an Amp Emulator pedal I guess, but I've rarely got on with them either. If I use them at all I'll plug the output into a real amp.

A decent EQ to boost the mids and lower highs, a touch of overdrive, and some compression might get you some ways, but probably not something I would be happy with the results of.
Stick a mike in front of a good sounding amp. That's the easiest way. You want a real guitar preamp at least, or a software emulation.
submute, if you can post a short audio clip of the results you are getting now I bet people could give you more focused suggestions? cool
get yourself an amp and two SM57s

set the amp how you want it, and then put one of them at the front, aimed at where the speaker cap meets the speaker cone, right up close to the grill or back a few inches, whichever you prefer, either facing straight ahead or with about a 45 degree angle. put the second mic behind the amp. aim the second mic at either the back of the speaker cone or the wall of the cab at 45 degree angle. flip the phase of the rear one and use your headphones to move the mics around until they're in phase.

now your front mic is your "focus" and your rear mic is your "body" and you can blend the two for just about anything you need. if you pan them opposite from one another, the rear mic helps to serve as a quasi-room mic and adds dimensionality.

cheers and happy playing thumbs up
Glenn Friker/Specter Media Group has several vids on recording and mixing guitar on youtoob. I dont have a guitar, nor do I record much that isnt straight to digital so I cannot vouch for his methodology in practice, but the guy is a reasonably good--albeit shouty--teacher.
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