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ModyPoly clock selection
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Author ModyPoly clock selection

I would like that my polysix internal arp follows the midi clock signal from an external controller. On your video on youtube, you active the external midi clock by pressing the key D5 just after the G from the logo KORG polysix on the right part of the polysix which according to the user manual, corresponds to the SH-LFO m. clock.

So to achieve what I want to achieve, I have clicked on HOLD, then followed by G4, arp midi clock. But then when I quit hold with an incoming midi clock signal, I press keys but no notes are being played and arpeggiated. I am sure that I am missing something. I welcome any help ! Best, Samuel
[The video was created with an early firmware version which had a slightly different config menu.

Make sure you are not sending any midi to your Polysix while in the config menu

    Press HOLD until it starts blinking

    Press G4 (midi clock)

    Press HOLD again

    Make sure your Midi host is actually sending a midi clock

    START/STOP may be required
Ok, perfect, it works. Thank you !
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