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Problems downloading GRM Tools?
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Author Problems downloading GRM Tools?
Hey All,
Rant warning:
I purchased a GRM Tools bundle a week ago. I've tried unsuccessfully every day since then to download the product. The download begins and progresses at a staggeringly slow pace for 20 minutes and then fails. I contacted GRM Tools via their facebook page (the only online contact method I could find) and was told to keep trying, that this happens a lot. This seems totally unprofessional for a software provider to not be able to provide software. Anyone else have a similar experience with them? How long should I expect to wait?
I saw similar download behavior for awhile, but finally got it to work after a few hours of retrying whenever I happened to walk past my computer. This was a little over a month ago.

Have you tried at different times of day?
i had no problems with GRM.
But recently i had several problems to download something with firefox, changed over to Chrome and all worked well.
i´m on macOS.
so, maybe just try another Browser ?

the GRM Guys are great btw. I had allways a very nice contact/support.
I´m not under the impression that i had to deal with slow downloads with GRM.
Things will work out shurely wink

Great FX ! wink
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