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how are such sounds called?
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Author how are such sounds called?

I mean tonal sounds.

They sound "acid" but they are not acid (as i mean completely different to 303-like basses at all). On a contrary, they sound like they are created with FM synthesis... (or wavetable?) But is there a term for such? As i encounter such sounds in different genres, but never know if there is a true way to refer to them. Something something very smooth and cold, psychedelic acidish (but not acid)
I think it's a sampled minor chord pitched up and down with a twanky filter modulation. These are called "porta-twanchord".

I agree with rexcoil. It sounds like fm or ring mod. I don't think the electribe has wavefolding.
Rex Coil 7
... sounds to me like a steel drum type sound with some of the top end rolled off.

Ring mod? FM? Both? Wavefolding? There's any number of ways to produce it.
Rings into Clouds
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