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4u-Serge + other format sequencers
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Author 4u-Serge + other format sequencers
It´s been some months since i started gradually to switch to 4u ( gradually because at first i was planning to keep big part of my euro and i didn´t believe some of the users of this forum when they were saying : " you will end up selling everything you have to buy more panels" now i see they were right. I see as well i did a lot of ridicule questions at that time because of my ignorance and mindset to euro only.

Ok, I still don´t put my hands on a big Serge sequencer like the SWAMP or TKB etc but i have a couple of SEQ8 that i love to play and have a hint of how the other big ones must be ( waiting for a LW big sequencer to arrive now).

The question is ( and excuse me i´m still an ignorant in this land):

Are users of this forum use other format sequencers in conjunction with the Serge sequencers? analog, midi, euro, 5u, mpc´s, daw, etc etc

I´m asking because even i can see now that i´ll be more than happy with using only Serge and other 4u Serge-like modules , i still believe i need some kind of help from other type of sequencers that are more accurate timing wise, tuning wise, storage and distribution wise, for musical purposes.

Any comment will be very much appreciated
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I have a pile of other stuff, but I find that I'm disinclined to mix formats together. On paper, it's the best use of it all, but in practice, once I'm in Banana Space, everything else feels intrusive. Your mileage may vary!
The Junglechrist
Since I got my Mantra panel from Random Source I've mostly using the onboard Sequencer Programmer but I do sequence it with René from time to time as well, my Make Noise system being quite close from the Serge in the studio.
I also use a keystep to send precise sequences from Ableton when I feel the need for total control but still with the wild Serge sound.

Everything works very weel actualy, no bugs or weird behaviour to report. Just keep in mind that gates from other sequencers might be quite "loud" when used to "gate" a Slope Generator.
I am super excited for the CV tools for ableton. It will be great to be able to build things which allow microprocessing type sequencing. It is the only thing I really miss when wanting to do more complete and super complex sequencing.

Get one of Charlie's conversion boxes.
I mix sequencers frequently.. I use a SWAMP panel, a custom LW 4 stage sequencing programmer, Bugbrand DDSR, Synthstrom Deluge, and even a Korg SQ-1... depends what I'm trying to do and what I feel like playing. They all work well together...

I go the other way sometimes too, using the SWAMP or sequencing programmer with Bugbrand or to modulate synths with cv in (like the Minilogue XD)
I have 2 4x4 seq-programmers in a VV panel and 1 3x8 in the 73-75.
I also use a Buchla MARF, 245, 216, and 218 occasionally with the Serge. They all work great. For a while I used the MARF and a LW animal-like panel as a standalone 2 panel system, it was super fun.
Thanks all for your comments.

I had lots of euro sequencers , korg sq10, mpc1000, oberkorns, now the only one i keep is my snd sam16 and a stepper acid. It´s fun to use the Serge with them ( i use doepfer voltage amplifiers and attenuators in the ways between.)

Very curious about that CV tools for abelton as well. thumbs up
syncretism wrote:
... I find that I'm disinclined to mix formats together.!

I'm in the same boat; I have Serge, Buchla, 5U, Frac, Euro, and other oddities... only place they meet is in my mixer.

But if you have or find a sequencer (or whatever) in some other format that you really connect with or feel inspired by... by all means, try it out with the Serge!
A little sq-1 (Korg) plays nicely and adds just a touch of midi sync and tonality to the WildChild (3-Panel Serge).

+1 SQ-1.

I have the Sequencer/Programmer wich i love but couldn't justify it in small system like mine (2 panel) so is now up for sale. Started looking for something external that would come closest to the Serge sequencer and the SQ-1 it was. Plus it's easy on the real estate and the wallet. Sometimes the pitch cv goes wonky but hey, i guess that's analog for ya...
I have to admit, this is also something I've been debating with myself a lot. After all, if you were to spend £2k on a sequencer panel you could buy a Cirklon or Komplex for the same price.

Users of Serge sequencers - other than consistency of format and 'keepin' it real', are there other reasons for using them rather than anything in Euro/5U? What is it about them? (Disclosure - I currently have a SQ-8 and Rene Classic.)
I'm using the Elektron Analog Four often as a sequencer for my Serge-Panel

with it's four CV Outs, 2 sequencerlines it offers triggers, clock , note-cv and an lfo or adsr

additionally you get a good sounding 4voice synth

used A4 MkI are available from 700€
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