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The Division Department - 01/IV Drum Synthesizer
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Author The Division Department - 01/IV Drum Synthesizer


01/IV by The Division Department is a 4-channel analog drum synthesizer capable of synthesizing a wide palette of sounds. From usual drum hits like kicks, toms, snares, claps, hi-hats and cymbals to unusual and complex sounds like drones and weird modulated creations. The provided MIDI implementation lets the 01/IV be triggered via MIDI, which makes it a powerful piece of equipment in a setup.

The concept of 01/IV is unique as it has four identical voice channels with all the power of synthesizing various type of drum sounds. Any channel can play a kick, a cymbal, toms and congas, or even a bassline. Channels can even be combined, can modulate each others in pairs (FM) or can be layered to form complex sounds. All these achieved with a flexible routing system composed of slide switches and carefully calibrated synthesizer elements.

01/IV inherited genes from legendary drum machines and drum synthesizers like the Pollard Syndrum, the Roland 808 & 909, and Pearl Syncussion SY-1. It has a true analog audio path, but also added a very flexible digital modulation system of a multi-function LFO, ramp and retrigger generator.

Demos are sounding good, looks good.
Still TBC... I'd pay 400-500 eurobux for this but it probably gonna be much more because boutique analog tax.
cool. and ditto.

sounds pretty good
is only midi?
No trig in?
They said they will have an optional passive trig to midi box.

This kinda reminds me of the ADX1 except it actually sounds good enough to justify buying.
Definitely like the look of this. Price will be crucial. Love the fact it doesn't have a sequencer too.
$500 or less will be instabuy. $700 I'll still prob buy. $800+ prob not.
xonetacular wrote:
$500 or less will be instabuy. $700 I'll still prob buy. $800+ prob not.

I agree!
interesting demo for a drum machine

but yeah, gimme. the aesthetic is great too.
First batch of 50 released today. I ordered mine.

Still not sold out yet!
Boy, that's nifty! I like a drum machine demo that starts out with drone and weird noises. Hope they are still around 6-8 months from now... Take a bit of a page from Pulsar-23, kills nothing though!
Looks like they heard us on the price. smile This ticks all the boxes for me pretty much but needs more demos- Kick drums in particular.
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