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Cubase 10 1/2 price, is it worth it?
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Author Cubase 10 1/2 price, is it worth it?
I see Steinberg is having a Cubase 10 1/2 price sale. I can get Cubase pro 10 for $170 on their cross grade offer. That said, I've read that Cubase 10 is very buggy and likes to crash. I use Win 10, so I'm curious to hear actual reports from Cubase pro 10 users who are running on Win 10. Is it stable? How is 3rd party plugin support (I have most of the Waves plugins)?. Any gotchas I should know about? Can you use Cubase pro 10 for professional projects with tons of parallel processing, aux tracks, etc.?
I've been using Cubase for almost 20 years. Started back in the SX days. Currently running Cubase Pro 10 (10.0.20 build) under Windows 10 64bit. (I also have Ableton which I just use for when my DJ clients/friends want to work in my studio.)

Like any DAW, it takes some learning. They do things their own way. But it is a very powerful system. I find that the audio quality is excellent and the midi capabilities are superior to everything else I've tried, and I've tried them all. It has loads of features which you may or may not use depending on your workflow. The included vstis and effects are actually quite good too. I think that unless you need Pro Tools for your client base (because that is what most majors use), Cubase Pro at that price is a no brainer!

There have been some very buggy Cubase versions in the past (7 comes to mind), but my experience has been that 10 is actually quite solid. It has not crashed once on my system since I started using it. But YMMV.

Full disclosure, there are still quite a few bugs, and there always will be. Take a look at the Steinberg forum and you will see what people are reporting. It seems to me that Steinberg never quite finishes debugging a version before they bring out the next one. And the X.0 versions are always the worst. I used to upgrade as soon as a new version was released, and then I'd be pissed for months until they released a few updates to fix the problems. It seems that Steinberg (and lots of other companies) now treat their X.0 releases as public beta testing platforms. So now I usually wait for 6 months or so before I upgrade to the newer version.

One more thing, in my experience, Steinberg's customer service blows. I've had numerous issues over the years and - even when I could get tech support (which was rare!) - many times they'd call, we'd do a screen share, they'd verify the problem I was having, and say they'd get back to me. Then nada....

So my bottom line is this: Cubase Pro is still my DAW of choice. I wish they'd concentrate on fixing problems rather than adding new wiz-bang features. I wish their customer support was better. But I've found Pro 10 to be the best version yet.
Thanks for your response, but only one response is not so encouraging. Are most wigglers using Live 10?
I have both ableton and cubase 10. Overall I prefer cubase, especially for mixing. I do most of my production with hardware and largely use the DAW as a multi-track during the creation phase. then I edit and mix. Mixing and editing mostly linear audio is far superior in Cubase.

I don't like clip based audio production, and ableton has too many midi limitations for me to use it much really. It is however, quite nimble in the user interface and if I just need a quick daw open to record a stereo input or to host a VST I'll use it.

When I'm planning out a big project or mixing I always use cubase.
After a long hiatus, I returned to Cubase 8.5 Pro all the way through to 10 now. Never had a crash ...well, except if you pull the dongle out mid-session razz

It has everything almost everything you could imagine except for hardware step sequencing. Their plugin, Beat Designer, is quaint & dated - but functional. Groove Agent is very good, but since I prefer working with a hardware step sequencer, a friend gave me his Maschine Mk1 which integrates OK with Cubase.

Some of the included instruments are ridiculous trash. I'm looking at you, LoopMash. Spector, Mystic and Prologue are at best middling instruments. Retrologue is OK. Padshop is the bomb! Definitely worth upgrading to Padshop Pro for 10 bucks.

Load up some free instruments like Obxd, PG-8x and xhip and you'll be good to go on that front.

The midi inserts are excellent.

Editing is cramped unless you have a big monitor or use a small second monitor to put the mixer window.

FX are good. Routing and monitoring is comprehensive. Automation works well. Note expression is a nice direction and will integrate well with MIDI 2.0.

As for a control surface, I went and sought out the long ago discontinued Steinberg CMC series and mounted them on a retracting table. Dedicated custom controls make it so much better:

Tempting. I 'm no fan of the USB dongle business though.
I am so on the fence about this as well. Can anyone comment on how effective the iPad <-> Desktop workflow is? I plink some at Cubasis on the iPad when I’m on business trips, and the idea of moving back and forth between the iPad and my desktop is tempting; I might actually do more than just little sketches when I travel that way. But I’m aslo not sure if this isn’t just a bit of price-induced software-GAS going on.
sneak-thief wrote:
...well, except if you pull the dongle out mid-session razz

Dongles of any kind are an instant deal breaker for me. Looking at you ilok.
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