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Waldorf Deal only for EU?!
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Author Waldorf Deal only for EU?!
Got an email from Waldorf this am.
50% off on a ton of stuff I would super buy. Like the KB37, their Eurorack modules etc.
It's a superbooth sale special, but only for EU customers?
Man, lame.

we are on our way to Berlin for the SUPERBOOTH 19 and are excited to meet and great keyboard players from all around the world. If you are around please come to our booth and have a close look at Quantum and the new Kyra!

To celebrate the SUPERBOOTH 19 with all our users around the world, we decided to discount our software products by 50% during the event (9th - 11th of May). Take advantage of that special offer and save on purchases of Nave, Largo, Lector, PPG Wave 3.0, Waldorf Edition 2 and Blofeld sound sets.

Use the coupon code: SB19 during checkout in our online shop to get 50% off the regular price!

And it's getting better for all our European friends! We put together an irresistible deal for our Eurorack series.

KB37 complete sidekb37 - only 699€ (before 975€
dvca1 - only 199€ (before 324€
nw1 - only 199€ (before 349€
mod1 - only 199€ (before 349€)
cmp1 - only 199€ (before 324€)
vcf1 - only 199€ (before 349€)
Shipping will be ONLY to addresses within Europe and quantities are limited! Don't wait and get your new Eurorack devices before the deal is sold out.

Regards from Berlin
Waldorf Team
Ok it looks like the 'only EU' thing has nothing to do with the deal. Waldorf doesn't ship hardware from the webshop outside the EU.
Which totally blows. I was looking at the B Stock section which has some decent deals on their hardware.

Oh well, Largo it is.
Mr. Aloud
the nw1 is sitting at that price level for a few months already... maybe not in the waldorf webshop, but at dealers it did.

Don´t get tricked by the sale, but if you want it, go for it.
Already have an NW1, want a second and their MOD1 as well. It’s a very good module for my purposes. I don’t know of any other wavetablers that do what it does. Ended up getting Largo. Already have PPG 3V, but Largo is more advanced in a few ways.
Mr. Aloud
Good to know! I like waldorf, got a few boxes made by them, so chances are they will find a place in my modular as well. it´s just not a hurry as prices seem to on the "sale" level for some time now.

kb37 is on my shopping list smile
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