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Compact passive HPF - make the FMR RNC not kill bass
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Author Compact passive HPF - make the FMR RNC not kill bass
I love my RNC but as many people have noted, it can tend to "suck" bass out especially in bass-heavy techno / dance music. I found some discussion online about using a passive RCA high-pass filter plus some adapters and cables to HPF the sidechain circuit to fix this, but I didn't like the idea of having a bunch of junk hanging off my very compact compressor.

My solution was to build the filter into a jack. I used the compact pancake style of TRS jack like you often see people use on guitar pedal boards. I bought this one from amazon as it's the right size to not interfere with any other jacks on the RNC and protrudes minimally from the back of the unit.

From there it's a matter of building a simple passive RC high-pass filter. I used this calculator to figure out what values to use. in my case I used a 10k resistor and a 0.1uF capacitor which should result in the frequency being about 159.2hz.

The capacitor should be soldered to the tip and ring tabs in the back of the jack, and the resistor should be soldered between the ring and the body (sleeve) of the jack. I used regular through-hole components that I had laying around and it works well.

The end result is great and involves no cables, just a jack. It also works on insert jacks on a mixing board, although this may or may not be useful.

The reason this works on the RNC is that the sidechain jack can be used to insert processing on the input signal before it goes to the compressor circuitry, so by building and inserting this HPF we are excluding the bass frequencies from pumping the gain -- only sounds above the cutoff will activate the compressor, so big beefy rolling basslines won't influence what the compressor does.

here's a photo of the one I built. this could be done a lot prettier, but it does work.[/img]
Rex Coil 7
pixelforest wrote:

here's a photo of the one I built. this could be done a lot prettier, but it does work.[/img]
I use right angle 1/4 inch plugs (the ~jack~ is the female connector, the ~plug~ is the male connector).

Been doing this for about fifteen years now ... works well.

Using a Tip/Ring/Sleeve plug allows two separate pathways (as long as they both go to ground). With some imagination and clever circuit design work there are a number of things that may be done with this basic notion.

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Always wanted to try this with my RNLA - found all the right bits and pieces lying around, even a 0.1uF film cap.

Played some drum loops from Radio Music and had a blast - much nicer response with kicks.

Thanks for the motivation/inspiration!
Interesting "hack", as I have RNC, will try and see, not that I felt lack of bass, especially when in "super nice " mode. Might be related to, that I don't do dance/techno.
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