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PDVCO paperface janostman, HELP!
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Author PDVCO paperface janostman, HELP!
Hello, I made this little module and it works well except for the input cv3, I understand that this entry is a vca but when I try the sound is very trashy.
kkkkkrrrrr cuts the sound then kkkrrr again
the schema and the code are they correct?

I flashed in 16MHz internal 0xE1, 0xDD, 0xFE

Thank you for your answers
the problem is between 2V and 2V6

0 / 2v no sound
2v / 2v6 kkkrrrr (sort of search radio station with no issue)
2v6 / 5v sound

just a digital input problem
In the schematic, the voltage divider of 10k resistors with no reference designators seems to be attached to R1 and pin 6 of the ATTiny, which doesn't make much sense for an output. I thought maybe those resistors were meant to serve some function related to the boot loader (which apparently requires feeding a signal into the module output); but I also wonder if they were really supposed to connect to pin 7 and R2 instead. Your problem sounds like the microcontroller is seeing a wider range around about 2.5V than it was expecting, and that could happen if the resistors were meant to scale the input down.

On looking at the PCB design and the photo, I don't see the 10k resistors at all, so I wonder if they were an afterthought. They seem to be mentioned in the BOM with the designators R5 and R6, which don't appear on the schematic.

You should be aware that Jan Ostman has a very poor reputation in this community for both doing technically substandard designs, and failing to ship items people pay for. He has left a long trail of dissatisfied customers, a certain number of efforts to file police complaints, etc. Considering the number of unplanned "donations" he has already had from people who gave him money and didn't get what they were expecting in return, I'm not thrilled to see him asking for further donations on that page - though I guess it's better to admit that he's going to take them as gifts instead of purporting to sell a product. I would not recommend doing business with him at all, and would recommend a great deal of caution when it comes to any circuits he designed. If he put the dot in the wrong place on the schematic so that the resistor network is wrong in the way I'm guessing, it would not surprise me at all.
Thank you for your answer, you're right, I removed the 10k of the pin 6 it does not matter, then I tried to connect the 10K on the pin 7 but the vca does not work better, always the same kkrrkkr, but I like it eventually.
It was to understand
I know his reputation on the forum but that was also to understand. I forgot d'oh! to give him money but if I think about it hmmm..... I'll do it w00t
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