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Please help identify common header / connector
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Author Please help identify common header / connector
I need to get some parts for a person at work.
I have seen and undone these connects hundreds of times yet the name escapes me.
Can anyone give me a name and/or part # for the connector that fits the 8 pin header? The brand or series of connects for these types would be helpful and I can search from there.

djthopa  /MTA/MTA-100-Series/_/N-ay0loZ1yzvvqx?P=1z0z248Z1ytkls2Z1z1414hZ1ytjo smZ1yzvhcbZ1z0xbmhZ1z0xhjfZ1z0z5fqZ1z0wxp6Z1yzv7x1Z1yzs6iiZ1yilwm5Z1yv gcdj&FS=True
That is not the right type for that pic.
The connects in the pic are .100 spacing (pretty sure!) but they are much shorter and the header posts thinner than the MTA100 types you linked.
The header/connects in the pic are extremely common in Korg stuff and stereo receivers, etc.
Still searching and think these may actually be 2mm?
Have found Molex MicroTPA but not sure if it is correct or will fit.
Thanks for any suggestions.
Most probably it's a PH connector, (JST – Japan Solderless Terminal).

It has 2mm pitch with right angle. gcdjZ1ytkls2Z1z0z5h6Z1yzobh4Z1z0wxouZ1yzv7x2Z1z0xbud&Ns=Pricing%7c0

The official tool for crimping is the WC-240 which is expensive.

The next tool is the Engineer PA-09 but not with the very best results as the original. It works though.

Other tools: Hozan P-707, Hozan P-706. Made in Japan, too.

And then the chinese stuff but I haven't try them.
Hey! I think that's it.
Thanks for the help!
Searched JST and found info, too, and a Wikipedia page that might be useful.

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