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Cocobutter Ground
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Author Cocobutter Ground
I've recently got a coco/butter on a plank and it does not have a grounding jack.

When I try to use Sidrax it seems to have issues with triggering things in plum or coco, meaning the press/release cycle does not seem to complete when sending out oranges to the cocobutter.

I'm hoping to mod the cocobutter with a grounding jack, has anyone done this before and know where to find grounding? It seems like the ground is shared between plum and coco already because they both get power when using one of the jacks.

Any insight is helpful! nanners nanners nanners
plug em all into the same mixer, that'll ground em.

Presuming you already do this, I'll go on to surmise that your trouble is that the sidrax isn't as great as one might want at triggerring other stuff.. but, maybe try some sharp hits on it, see if that makes a ifferrence? haven't had one in a while, but never had much luck cross patching it to coco/plum...
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