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Ambient/new age/cosmic Euro
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Author Ambient/new age/cosmic Euro
I’ve never done an all Euro track before, but while I was replacing the flooring in my studio I recorded the track below with a smallish 10u/84hp wide system, Beatstep Pro and Zoom h4n Pro.

Copper Traces driving a Bateleur as bass, Beatstep Pro ch 1 driving a Mangrove > Aion 904a as lead sequence, manually played Beatstep ch2 driving a Korb Folder > SVVCF as par and Rene > STO > Optomix as final sequence... all into a L1 Quad VCA > Magneto > Zoom. Beatstep Pro drum channel as master clock into Tempi, tempi outputs to all other clock sources.

Lots of other fantastic ambient stuff on this comp, put out by fellow wiggler BathHouse
Fog Door
Terrific. Wish it was longer thumbs up
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