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1U Intellijel Zeroscope Dope
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Author 1U Intellijel Zeroscope Dope
Hey all, I've been wanting to get an old Tectronics scope so I could visualize waveforms, but I just haven't got around to it yet; enter Intellijel.

I had look at the O'Tool, which looked very nice, but I had other things in that price range I wanted first. When the 1U Zeroscope came out I was wary about the size of the screen, I mean hey... it's only 1U, right? I was able to get perspective by sizing it up with the jack layout and measuring how big it would be by measuring a similar jack layout and estimating, it was small, but could I live with it?

I decided to take the plunge once I read the manual and found I could check tunings and voltages with it, I thought how could I go wrong with a 1U utility that will do all that?

It arrived yesterday just as I was leaving for work, I worked late, so I didn't get to install it until this morning. I didn't have a lot of time as I had to leave for work, but I was able to get it in, power it up, and check it out a little bit before I had to leave. I put a couple wave forms on it and the display was crisp and clean, so I powered it down and went to work. As I have the next couple days off I plan on running it through it's paces.

I started this thread because there may be others interested in this tool or already have it, so maybe we can get together to get the most out of it.

I really like it thus far even though it's rather small... hell it's a 1U utility, whaddya want?

More to come. Guinness ftw!
If there are still any doubters over the value of 1U, then the 1U scope should be enough, right there, to win you over! I have them in all of my racks!

Agreed. I built two 1U rows into my new case, and have a Quadratt, Noise Tools, Buffmult, Octolink, Audio I/O, and Zeroscope, and they all get used very regularly!

Had I known at the time about the slightly different sizes of 1U tiles I would have made 1 row for each, but I didn't know better at the time. Still a very small yet valuable chunk of real estate...
Ok, I love this thing! As I said I purchased it in order to get a visual representation of the waveforms I am producing, and it does that just perfectly! I was able to sync waveforms and look at a modulator and the resultant modulated signal overlayed or split above/below. That it does all those other things is just the icing on the cake!

I'm very happy, and real glad I didn't get a big old Techtronics CRT scope! (Though I'd still love to have one...)
glad to hear that you like it. I've been doing more patches that require tuning multiple oscillators, so I hope to pick one up soon
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