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AMBIENT v4 - Software module
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Author AMBIENT v4 - Software module
AMBIENT-v4 is a unique standalone audio processing software capable of producing radically transformed audio, sound sculpting and design. Paint with sound ...

Platform: Mac Osx & PC Windows

AMBIENT – v4 is a unique ambient soundscape generator capable of producing a vast array of ambient textures, from the bizarre to the beautiful. The module has already featured on numerous professional recordings demonstrating its versatility in bring inspiration to the creative process.

AMBIENT processes any WAV or AIFF sound you care to load into it. The possibilities are endless.

Once the artist has achieved the sculpted sound they desire they simply press record to output the new sound WAV – with the option of live recording any tweaks of changes they choose to make. Often the output WAV will be then imported into a DAW of the artists choice.

Version 4 Update: AMBIENT – v4 updates, improves and builds upon customer feedback provided by v1. It is now compatible with the latest Osx and Windows platforms and has an improved GUI.

The design of software includes randomly loaded graphic backdrops created by Mike Podolak. Niccolò Granieri (PhD @ Integra Lab) has undertaken additional programming to bring AMBIENT up to date and build on the legacy of Christopher Hipgrave’s original work.

Features: Multi-effect standalone software module featuring:

- Granular sampler with random pitch function

- Amplitude envelope with a trigger speed control

- Three pitch shift controls for adding extra layers to the sound

- Tape delay

- Multi-mode filter

- Ambient reverb

- MIDI learn – link to your hardware controller

- Preset save and recall

The granular function is capable of transforming and mutating sounds into gentle molecules of ambience all the way to harsh and crunchy Autechre style sound-assaults.

Visit the product page for more information and access to the instruction manual.

Rex Coil 7
The product name is spelled incorrectly in the subject line.
I´m an old customer, where to get the new V4?? didn´t recived any download link.

Thanks - updated the title spelling.

In terms of previous customers - an email has been sent to them with a 25% dsicount. This is a new design where I had to invest in product development so need to recoup costs. email me at audiobulb to discuss discounts if you are eligible.
For artists using the software we have a soundcloud playlist featuring music made with AMBIENT.

If you'd like your track featured simply loud to soundcloud and email me a link.
Any reports of it running on Linux?
Mac OS & Windows only I'm afraid.
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