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tube distortion - rk2 vs strakal orsel?
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Author tube distortion - rk2 vs strakal orsel?
search is broken... and I've not received any replies in the favorite distortion thread so here we go... has anyone got both metasonix rk2 and strakal orsel with russian tubes? i've got no change to try either of them out and there seem to be few demos online. both in the same price range, but one of them has a single big tube and the other one has two. i'm considering distortion module capable of warming up to total obliteration of the input signal. both should be ideal, right? both having dedicated feedback knob is also good. is the functionality / sound / input level dynamics very different between modules... and btw, is it possible to close an doepfer p9 case with that horsecock tube? lol

the new plasma drive from erica synth also seems rather interesting and sounds very electric and beautiful - perhaps even more capable of what I'm considering?
seriously, i just don't get it
I have them both, and have demo'ed them together:
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