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CV routing/amount presets?
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Author CV routing/amount presets?
Hi guys,

Firstly I know this goes against the "spirit" of modular but just hear me out.

I play bass in a lot of bands where I need to move around on stage and talk between songs, I am currently using a Patchbox to effect my bass signal with a filter. The patchbox has two a/b switches to change the CV routing but not as much as I would like.

Ideally I was wondering if there are any modules that you can route everything into and then have presets using that module. Again a big stretch but does anything like that exist? And if there are a couple do any have Midi switching of presets?

I know it's a very specific module but hopefully there is something I can use to achieve the same thing smile

Cheers, Sam.
sir stony
With a 4x4 matrix, there's this one:
No switching the presets by midi, tho. But it does more than just store and switch presets. cool
This is a hot topic in modular right now.

Speaking generally, the only modules that have presets tend to digital modules that can save multiple states for recall. These saved states generally only apply to the module in question. In some cases, you can switch saved states with CV.

A common technique is to use step sequencers to hold different CV voltages, which you then run to parameters on other modules. Those might be the saved state CV inputs mentioned above, or to open and close VCAs for routing (such as in the OP’s use case), or just to change timbres or whatever. Sequencers that have multiple CV channels per step are particularly handy for this sort of application. Great examples include MN Pressure Points and the new Dnipro Metamorph:

Meanwhile, at Superbooth, at least three more ambitious “scene manager” modules were introduced:

Shakmat Modular’s Harlequin’s Context

Polyend’s Preset

Livestock Electronics Ellis ls-shepard-ellis-and-leap-modules-

None of these are routers (per the OP), but they can control patches that function as routers.
Buttons ARE toys
You would need other modules to handle the actual signal routing, like a series of mults and VCA's or something, but the Meng Qi Voltage Memory is designed precisely for this sort of thing. 6 voltage outputs configurable across 84 total storage slots. It can also be a sequencer and touch controller, but it was originally devised as a simple way to store and recall settings for the rest of your modular system and it works great.
Basically you need two types of modules to do modular presetting. One type controls the switching of patch cords to re-route the signals around. The other provides bias CV voltages to change tuning and other CV controllable functions in the modules. The first type, the switch modules, can be left out if the patch itself doesn't require its cables to be re-patched. Things like voices controlled by a sequencer, or keyboard where the voice structure stays the same and just the filter, VCA, wave shaping, levels, or other parameters change. One of the best uses for programmers are with Wav players where start, stop, pitch and other parameter changes can easily make a complete change in the sound.

For the switching function, some modules like the 4ms VCAMatrix can be used to fade between patches but it would require a lot of CV sources to control it's 16 VCAs.

We make a programmer, the PGM-4X4 Four by Four Programmer/Sequencer -

It provides 4 sets of 4 different CV levels the cn be chosen via gates or manual push buttons. It would be simple to make a pedal that would allow switching. It also has a built in sequencer function to step sequentially through the columns. It can be stacked as high as you want for more rows, or chained to 8 columns wide.

We were going to make a switch equivalent of the module with jacks where there are pots, but never could fund the first run (controllers are the last thing people buy for their rigs it seems). If a PGM-4X4 looks like something you may want, email me at We are about to reduce prices on almost the whole line of products so I can cut you a deal.
SOPiiAC wrote:

Was gonna suggest the same!
When it comes to programmable CV/audio routing, the Alyseum MS-MATRIX is still the biggest and baddest switch matrix I've seen in Euro: 16-in/16-out and MIDI controllable. For the longest time, I wanted one. Then I got a Switch 4. Haven't felt the need for one since. Maybe the modules mdoudoroff mentioned will prove to be more compelling.

Also, WMD's SSM is 4-in/4-out classic.
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