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Northern Light Modular rEM
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What kind of unit would you actually buy?
SMD populated, please. Will deal with larger parts myself
 50%  [ 2 ]
I can do everything ! (No SMD included)
 50%  [ 2 ]
I can do it all myself (barebones- no components)
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 4

Author Northern Light Modular rEM
Hello all,

So, back from Sooperbooth19 seeing all those great systems everybody jammed on we have one more thing to show which does not fall into any of the other categories. But it works for all of them

Here it is, a 10 channel universal CV to MIDI encoder for your 19'' rack.

You can input any kind of control voltage into one of the three sockets.

Banana for Buchla , Serge, Frac, Modcan etc.
6,3mm for Moog, Moon, MOTM
3,5mm for Eurorack, pedals, AKAI, Arturia and what not.

There are only two primary controls...
Offset , which applies a -10V to 10V control directly to the channel
Scale, which attenuverts the incoming CV
For Buchla one would dial the scale to 100% and the Offset to 50% resulting in a 0V starting point and a 10V range...
For Eurorack one would apply a -50% offset resulting in -5V start and +5V end just as an example.

MIDI CC is produced from the combination of Offset and scale and read 20 times pers second per channel.

The unit acts as a remote programmer for external effects pedal, rack mounts, VSTs, can animate light and sound mixers and is freely programmable with just a 4 button interface.

6 preset banks are available.
1. Eventide H9
2. Strymom Volante
3. Kilpatrick Redox
4. Eventide with Aftertouch, Velocity, Note ON/OFF and Gate
Then there are 2 more empty banks and 3-6 are open to user inputs.
One can for example put in the CC set of an Eventide eclipse or any other unit with fixed CC.

We will build on demand but also offer kits for the crafty community here containing the PCB, the MCU (Which is licensed from Evenmidi) The PSU, a custom box, front panels and knobs.
Please let us know if you would prefer SMD populated PCBs or if you want to build that too.

Demo video is in the works smile
Poll was broken so I fixed it and changed the wording a bit. I hope that you don't mind.

I'd like a kit with SMD populated but as many of the rest of the parts included.
Thank you !
I was wondering how i could fix it.
The last option should be "I have two left hands and no time for this, please sell me a built one " though wink
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