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AJH - no mixers?
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Author AJH - no mixers?
Mr. Aloud
Newbie question.

So one idea I follow is to rebuild something minimoogish, classic 3 VCO and then add a few things like serial and parallel filters.

I find that AJH don´t have a dedicated mixer module, but their VCF and RingMod show up as mixers in modulargrid.

In case of the VCF, it´s clear, as you have 3 inputs with knobs and can mix them, so that´s a second function. In a minimoog clone setup, you´d select a single output from each of the 3 VCOs, patch them to the VCF and be good. However, if you want to get mixed waveforms out of their VCOs, you´d need something in between. So my idea is three 4:1 mixers (or VCA mixers), which AJH don´t seem to offer. What´s a good standin here? Would love to maintain the sound of course and a matching appearance is a bonus (any color as long as it is black). Erica Synths Quad VCA?

Regarding the RingMod module, also listed as a mixer, I´m confused. 5 inputs, I guess it can be (under)used as a mixer, can it? Or is that more of an abuse Mr. Green . No idea about the RM thingie, I rarely used it on my FPS (fixed path synths). Would it make sense to look at that module if all you want to do is mixing? Or am I better off with a dedicated mixer module like maybe the Erica Quad VCA again or maybe their Fusion v3?
The Ring SM module is a rather confusing module until you get the hang of it. Frankly, I think the panel labeling could’ve been a bit clearer. Yes, it can—and should—be used as a waveform mixer (amongst other things, but its primary purpose is waveform mixing for a complex voice), and the whole package oozes gorgeous AJH character.

DivKid did a demo video for it, but it’s confusingly “published” by FutureMusic, so it’s on different YouTube channel.

This is not a mixer where you want everything cranked up to the max all the time (or even often).

After you watch the whole DivKid video, I recommend reading the page on the AJH site, which should make a lot more sense now:
The Sonic Voltage Demo of the Ring SM is great as well, it really shows how the module works and is arranged

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