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IFM Dunst's noise pulse/hiss (middle section)
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Author IFM Dunst's noise pulse/hiss (middle section)
I'm scratching my head how to effectively utilize Dunst's middle section noise pulse and hiss.

The hiss is so quiet I don't really see any effect for a modulation source. It's nice to add a cassette tape hiss noise to mix if such effect is needed, tho. Pulse seems also little effective on anything handy to my current setup... Modulating its own Dust noise seems not so effective, too. Using them for its vca MUL is also seems pretty useless.

Anybody has some effective use of these noise sources?
I use the bnoice section as an audio rate noise signal, although the volume is a little low. I tend to bring the volume up with a vca. Also it is automatically routed to the internal VCA's so it makes a great hat / snare with just a trig or env signal
yeah but I wonder why it is designed so in the first place if you need to volume up to be usable... or if there was other intention for which I can't think of... help
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