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Help! Cassette Tape stuck in 4-track (Fostex X-15)
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Author Help! Cassette Tape stuck in 4-track (Fostex X-15)
Hello I was recording on my Fostex X-15 (which I've had for half a year with no problems) on a Tokaido Ferro Low Noise C90 cassette, which looks like this: qbY/s400/tokaido_ferro_low_noise_c_901.jpg

and now the cassette is stuck in there. It seems the problem is mechanical, as in, no tape has spilled out or gotten caught , but the read head won't come down.

As in, the stop, play, rewind, ffwd buttons etc don't engage. The mechanism doesn't "return" downward anymore.

Is this the fault of using a ferric tape? Or something else?

What can I do next? Cheers
It should not be anything to do with the type of tape. It is possible the drive belt has snapped, leaving the transport mechanism stuck between two modes, such as play & stop.

It may be one for your local tech - certainly, don't try and force anything.
See if the punch control has stuck. It's a mechanical latch under the transport keys. Do you have the remote? - an air bulb/tube that plugs into a punch socket and pushes the key latch when you squeeze the rubber bulb (actually an analogue camera accessory). If you don't have the remote, you should be able to push something in to free the key latch.
thank you both. i opened it up, gently tugged on one of the drive belts, and it released!

these belts are pretty fragile y'all... are there any modern alternatives to rubber? some kindof nylon or some such?
I think most small belts are a proprietary rubber such as Neoprene.
Probably a good idea to get spares.
I don't know where in the world you are but I found a page showing some choices...
One thing that can make life harder for a cassette drive belt is if the slip clutches in the take-up reel hub isn't set properly - they tend to get tighter (too much torque) with age but most are adjustable (and don't ever lube that). The result if the clutch is too tight is that the belt has to slip on a pully causing wear.
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