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Modules or root canal?
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Author Modules or root canal?
very frustrating

yeah this is the time. Who got a tooth pulled out instead of paying for a root canal?

I am afraid I am going for a root canal, instead of getting much needed modules, well I count on you wigglers to change my mind, so I can advance in my to buy list and eat mashed potatoes for a while instead.


any fun stories? anyone
Root canals are cheaper than replacement teeth.

Statistically, people who are healthier into old age are those who have the ability to chew their food well. Far more efficient to chew with teeth than with gums or with a tooth-sized hole in your jaw that will encourage your remaining teeth to start moving--which is cool if you want braces, I guess.
Health > Modules

Go for the root canal. They aren't a big deal.
Eggshell white or olive green?
mome rath
i'll do your root canal for half price

trust me, i'm a doctor (of something or other, never mind that)
Trilo wrote:
Health > Modules

This. I don't always adhere to it, but when it is something that actually needs attention (like in this situation) I do...

Modules will always be there...
When I had a root canal, it was just kind of a weird experience. My mouth felt super dry but there was absolutely no pain or other discomfort.

I got to watch most of Batman Begins while it happened, and I honestly wanted to stay in the chair and finish the movie. If it was Batman and Robin it would have been a much worse experience hihi
You can always* earn more module money. You can't earn more teeth. nodnod

(*Depends how cute your butt is. Redneck )
Poor dental health is directly linked to heart disease...look after your nashers if you want to wiggle longer hihi
I love how everyone actually discussing that health is more important than modules.
Go to the dentist mate, then you can buy more modules looking like

Mr. Green
the run-up to the root canal when a tooth became infected was the most debilitatingly painful thing I've experienced. Worse than a shattered wrist. It's really wild. Like, if I was a wild man in the earliest of times and I got an infected tooth I'm pretty sure that would be the end of me right there, a terrible agonizing demise. Really makes you wonder what the man upstairs was thinking on that one.

I'm preparing for dental work myself and am not able to jump in on the SSL octal VCA expander that I really want :( but sacrifices must be made for the greater good

get your dental work done 100%
definitely have the root canal work done - saves so much future grief.

Also by the time you have some money after that the modules you are after will be available 2nd hand and be cheaper or superceded by something better.
Kirz wrote:
I love how everyone actually discussing that health is more important than modules.

There is no harm in paving the world with good intentions...

...nobody really believes it, it just makes us feel better if we say it cool
thanks guys, you are surprisingly sane smile

...of course i wasn't going to pass on the root canal, if it was possible to get it done. So it has been done.

...but you all gave me great reasons to cheer a bit!!!!!

...thank you applause
D_Robot wrote:
Kirz wrote:
I love how everyone actually discussing that health is more important than modules.

There is no harm in paving the world with good intentions...

...nobody really believes it, it just makes us feel better if we say it cool

what? you guys tricked me and had me spend my money on a stupid tooth instead of modules? now that is cruel hihi

I guess my modular will stay vintage 2011 for another while...
Get both! wink
lisa wrote:
Get both! wink

Just want to say that the root canal Treatment might not save your tooth for ever. As the tooth then lacks proper blood supply it will eventually become more fragile within time. I had this 3 times that parts of my tooth broke off when i was eating or chewing gums.

Well in my case the root canal Treatment was done after i either lost several tooth fillings, which were then refilled again several times, each time getting deeper and in 2 of These i got an infection below the filling.

Finally switched my Dentist some years ago and since then doesn't have all the hassle i had before… So apart from hygenical or personal aspects, like in my case a very strong bite and crunching teeth in Sleep (woke up a few years ago having bitten off some part of a tooth in Sleep), it's also a matter of the work quality of your Dentist.

But anyway, i would also root for the root canal Treatment as it at least could provide a base for a latter inlay and is better than having a hole in the row of your tooth, which can cause other Problems.
1. Get root canal. Take a portable recorder and record noises during procedure.
2. Imitate noises with modular.
3. ???
4. Profit!

Seriously, pay attention to your teeth. As others have said above, there are significant correlations with poor tooth health and other health problems occurring later in life. And yeah, that pain from an abscessed tooth is hell. (Although oddly, I had one last year where I had no pain at all -- I only went in because I had noticed some swelling in my gums.)

Ideally, a tooth that has had a root canal should be crowned. That helps distribute the load. I did have one that was crowned that broke about eight years ago. I wound up having to get an implant -- not cheap.
WaveRider wrote:

any fun stories? anyone

Oh, I got stories, but none of them are fun.

1) Had to sell my Juno-106 (back when they were still cheap) to pay for a CT scan when I had a pretty serious ear infection.

2) Had to sell some gear to cover some expenses from the birth of our second child because the fucking insurance company fucked us up. Sold my first guitar and bass, two Hard Mod hand-made synths, my Etherwave, and who knows what else.

3) Haven't been able to finish my modular because now I'm too concerned with saving up in today's fragile economy. Partly because I know that in a medical event the insurance will only cover a fraction of the cost (the deductible is ridiculously high, so the insurance would not cover the most common stuff like a broken arm or a kidney stone).
single payer modular synthesis now
Two years ago I fractured my lower right #1 molar, which became infected. The tooth had undergone a root canal nearly 40 years previously, and the only course of action was to clear up the infection and remove the tooth.

After much consultation with my dentist about spending $7500 for an implant (my dental insurance doesn't cover implants) I decided to instead spend the money on a 44-space 5U Dotcom synthesizer. My reasons:

1) At the time I was 65 years old and will only be needing my teeth for another 10 years or so.

2) The tooth in question is far enough back in my mouth that it doesn't show, even when I (rarely) smile.

3) Getting the synthesizer was the fulfillment of a 46-year long dream of mine, and I wasn't getting any younger.

It was the best financial decision I ever made. thumbs up (Although if I had been 35 instead of 65 I would have opted for the implant.)
hsosdrum wrote:
spending $7500 for an implant

What Kind of an implant was it? A golden designer implant with Diamonds on top? Mr. Green
wow 7.5K seems very much.

I don't have the exact numbers Right now, but ithink here in Germany you have to pay something like 1000 Euro per implant (for a single tooth) and depending on your insurance you get some percents of those Costs back...

But 7K5.... ouch… that's a heavy sum...
Root Canal = Necrotic tissue (dead tooth), perfect home for harboring anaerobic bacteria, which wreak havoc on health. Pull it & be happy
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