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AMALGAMOD - 2019 Ultralight System
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Author AMALGAMOD - 2019 Ultralight System

Here's a peek at the final prototype of our new Ultralight System! Available as an airline carry-on compatible 6U/104HP and 12U/104HP travel case but also in various studio configurations using our new mounting system. There are a few minor tweaks but it will be basically as you see it here.

I should mention that the first 3 batches have been pre-ordered so new orders will take around 6 months to deliver. Thanks to everyone on the wait list for being so patient. There were many twists and turns in the development of this design but I am finally ready to release it into the wild with the first units shipping next week.

I'll follow up with studio pics, specs, pricing and full description in 2-3 weeks. In the meantime if you'd like pricing, drop us a line via

12U/104HP Ultralight Folding Case Features:

• Lightweight Design
• Matte Black Anodised Aluminium
• EVA High Density Handle Grip
• M3 Tapped Strips
• Closes with Patch Intact
• Separates into 2 x 6U/104HP Cases
• 8 x Modular I/O Slots (4 per 6U)
• 3 Position Busboard Mounting


• Heavy Duty Protective Soft Case + Quick Release Shoulder Strap
• Low Noise Active Busboard (2 Isolated Zones)
• I/O Modules: USB Power Socket, Blanking Panel
• Future I/O Modules: 12 Ch Trunk Line (IDC26), 8 Ch Balanced Output (DB25), MIDI/CV/Gate
• 2 x USB LED Lamps with 3 x Brightness Setting
• Forthcoming Range of Accessories: Desktop/Wallmount/Side Opening (TBA)


• 550 x 340 x 220mm (inc. soft case)
• 78mm Between Face Plates (when closed)
• 60mm Internal Depth (48mm over Busboard, 42mm over I/O Modules)


• 12U Folding Case - 4.8kg (inc. busboards)
• 12U Protective Cover - 0.8kg

Busboard Features:

• Low Profile Design
• 6 Layer PCB with dedicated layers for +12V/-12V/+5V and 3 layers for 0V
• Low Noise Post Switching Regulators
• 2 Zone Isolation
• 24 x Output Headers
• 4 x I/O Headers (5V/0V/CV/Gate)
• +12V@2A/-12V@1.5A/+5V@1A

Good job.
Looking good. Can't wait for mine.
Beautiful work Ian! I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one!
Looks great! Wish I was in the market for a new case.
Adding another "wish I was in the market for a new case". That's a beautiful piece of kit.
Stunning case, great work!
Nice work. What is the dimensions between the 6U? Wondering if there is space for detachable 1U slot.?
Looks fantastic! SlayerBadger!
Will the 6u be the half of 12u case or deeper?
Damn these look awesome!

think i'm chill w/my ABS folding case though. still a pleasure....

something wonderful
Very interested to know the cost of getting one of these to the US, sent a message via the contact form.
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