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2.4SINK Eurorack Sensor Interface
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Author 2.4SINK Eurorack Sensor Interface
instruments of things
Our wireless sensor interface is currently live on Kickstarter.

The module offers 16 x 12 bit multimode outputs (unipolar, bipolar, gate/trigger). Furthermore we have created a custom firmware for Movesense sensors including 9 degrees of freedom sensor fusion for high precision motion control.

Other sensors can be used as well via Bluetooth LE MIDI or Open Sound Control.

More information on our website including demo videos and press articles from the Superbooth 2019.
Looks really cool! Will it connect to any iOS app that uses bluetooth MIDI?
instruments of things
It acts as a central in Bluetooth LE MIDI mode, same as iOS apps usually. But you can use Open Sound Control via Wi-Fi.
I'm backing it!
Seaweed Sound
Looks neat thumbs up
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