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Silent Way Support For 0 to +8v Scale Like On MS-10/20/50
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Author Silent Way Support For 0 to +8v Scale Like On MS-10/20/50
joe boots
I use the MOTU 828mkII and Korg MS-10/20/50. does Expert Sleepers Silent Way pass calibration and support 0 to +8v scale on the Korg MS-10/20/50 or does the Korg MS-10/20/50 need additional bias voltage? could I use the ES-2 module to generate additional bias voltage with my MOTU 828mkII or another audio interface?

I was considering using MOTU Volta until I read the info below about MOTU Volta calibration.

MOTU Volta states that "Korg MS-10/20/50 - While Volta supports Hz/v scaling, the Korg MS-10/20/50 will not pass calibration without a additional bias voltage. This issue, plus the fact that these Korg models wish to see a 0 to +8v range means these monosynths are not supported at this time. It is reported the Korg MS-10 will calibrate using the FREQ input, however."

"MOTU Volta Calibration"
See this thread:
joe boots
os wrote:
See this thread:

thanks. I'll take a look at the thread.
It shouldn't need a bias voltage, you should restrict the output of your voice controller so it only outputs +ve control voltages (as Os pointed out in this thread: My MS-20 works fine like that from my 828 Mk I (of course I don't get the full range as it won't output up to 8V). You would need something like the ES-1 hihi to get that as then you could scale the 828 Mk II output to the full 0-8V range.

Also, you will get more range using the VCO freq input as it's V/Oct.
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