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Clouds calibration with disting
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Author Clouds calibration with disting
Looking to calibrate my clouds after installing parasites. Clouds need 1v and 3v. How do i go about doing that with the Precision adder in disting?
I tried to just connect the output to clouds but with little effect... should i plug a vco into disting as well?

with disting mk3 you can use two midi samples to generate either 1v or 3v

I don't know if you can use a disting mk4 to generate a reference voltage. if not it may be a great algo to add.
I'm not sure if this will help you but if you have a Ornament and Crime running Hemisphere Suite you can use the Voltage applet. I think the stock O_C has a voltage app also.
Looking at the Disting manual it suggests that algorithm A1 will give you stepped 1 volt offsets up to 10 volts if you have the Z mode parameter set to 0, so that gives you the 1 and 3 volts you need to calibrate Clouds.

You can check the Disting's output by feeding it into the pitch control of an oscillator and listening for octave jumps as you turn it up.

What you really need is a multimeter. thumbs up
With the A-1 Precision Adder algorithm, use the A output with nothing plugged into X or Y. Turn the Z knob to set the voltage in 1V steps. Its value is shown on the display.
Thank you so much!!!!
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