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Mac Mini 2018 for VCV Rack
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Author Mac Mini 2018 for VCV Rack
Hi everyone!

I am thinking of getting a 2018 Mac Mini (6 core i7) to dedicate exclusively to VCV rack. The Mini seems to be very well spec’ed on the CPU side, but a bit lacking in the graphics department. How crucial is the GPU to run the software properly? Is it worthwhile getting an external GPU and using it via a Thunderbolt 3 connection? Has anybody tried this?
It's true that the GUI is GPU-rendered, and that there might be occasional performance issues with a lot of modules. However, I think an external GPU might be overkill, unless you are thinking of getting one for other reasons also. Rack 1.0 will have multi-threading so I think that should dramatically improve performance—I might wait and see how perf is on 1.0 before making a decision.
I haven’t run into any issues with it with my i5 16 GB mini.
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