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Noise Eng. Basimilus vs. Manis Iteritas
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Author Noise Eng. Basimilus vs. Manis Iteritas
Forum search still appears to be on the blink, so at risk of re-hashing a previous discussion:

I'm interested in the pros and cons of the Basimilus vs. Manis Iteritas units by Noise Engineering. As I understand it, the Manis is a more aggressive version of the BIA architecture, and is sawtooth-only. Both are essentially "drum" synth voices, but are so sonically diverse that neither need be limited to drum duties.

I'm looking at using either one of these to add percussive blasts of grit to a pre-existing thick drone. I suppose my question boils down to:

Is the Manis' focus on 'aggression' worth the trade-off for versatility?

Which is the more suitable unit for my purpose?

General feedback from those who own either one is appreciated.
I have both.. The BIA is extremely flexible, probably the best drum module i've ever used. It can do almost anything from classic techno kicks to weird glitchy percussion.
The Manis is a bit of a One Trick Pony for me, very aggressive and harsh. I use it for very evilish explosive snares with a big reverb after it
BIA can add noise to the signal through the attack knob and has a "liquid" mode particularily suited for kick-like sounds, making it a killer module for percussive sounds. But it can't "free run" as the decay time is limited

Manis iteritas on the other hand allows free-running making it more like a classical VCO.

Both can do what you want to achieve (short blasts) so I guess it's a matter of which sounds you prefer. Personally MI is too industrial sounding for my taste
Speaking as a Manis owner, not a BIA owner.

Manis can cycle so you can use it as a standard oscillator, BIA can only be triggered and its decay envelope adjusted. This to me makes Manis far more useful as you can obviously send it downstream into filters/vca's and get more out of it than just drum behaviour.

Its Saw only yes, but the sonic variation you can achieve from the controls is crazy. Superb range of tones, from subtle and beautiful to utterly destroyed chaos. BIA may be more useful to you as the core of the wave can be different.

Manis is certainly not just for aggression/noise. There are some really beautiful tones in there, the integrated LPF can dial back the noise, and the other controls are so deeply wigglable.

I may do a video covering its more subtle range actually, as this question tend to come up quite a bit.
BIA does percussive sounds admirably, especially kicks. It also does basses, and some range of melodic stuff. But I don't use a lot of percussion in my music, and I always felt like I was fighting its nature -- it wanted to do killer kicks and metallic splats.

Manis was more useful to me. I thought of it as a sawtooth-based voice with a lot of weight, and a range from dark and brooding to sharp and biting. But I agree it has a beautiful side to it too.
MossGarden wrote:

I may do a video covering its more subtle range actually, as this question tend to come up quite a bit.

Thanks. Yeah that vid would be much appreciated!

It's good to hear people get more out of the Manis than just using it as a "push button, receive filth" module. I'll look into it more seriously for my setup.
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