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1010 Toolbox or Squarp Hermod?
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Author 1010 Toolbox or Squarp Hermod?
I'm just curious if anyone has experience with either (or preferably both) of these sequencers.

One thing I'm interested in is real time midi note recording. I like how with the hermod, it seems that you can play either quantized to grid or just free playing. I believe the toolbox can also do real time midi note recording but not sure if it has to always be fixed to the clock or not.

I don't think the toolbox has any probability stuff, which is too bad. I think the hermod has some.

The toolbox looks easier to use due to the big screen and touch interface, which is a plus.

I like the idea of controlling other synths in addition to my modular. The hermod seems meant for this, but maybe the toolbox can do this as well?

The alternate laser firmware for the toolbox interests me somewhat, as I like to do vector based stuff with an old vectrex console.

Anyway, just curious what others think. Any reason why you prefer one over the other? Any useful tips/experiences with either?

I have the Hermod and the Bitbox. Hermod really is great for passing Midi data,for splitting incoming CV/Gate data into multiple streams, for adding effects to cv/gate streams. I find it to be a user-unfriendly sequencer.

Based on my experience with the Bitbox/FX Box/Synthbox (I switch the software fairly often, but Bitbox is my favorite), the 1010 Music interfaces are really easy to work with. I would not be surprised if the Toolbox were a lot more fun to use as a sequencer than the Hermod.
Seems like you have a good handle on the pros and cons of both sequencers. I haven't used the Hermod, but the things I really like about toolbox are that it gives you a visual representation of all 16 sequencers at once, and you can easily mute them on/off, which is great for live performance. It also has 4 MIDI ports, for a total of 64 channels to control outboard MIDI gear and the sequencer cells can be 7 different types: Gate, Note, LFO, Bar Seq, CV Rec/play and Output cells. The real time MIDI recording always quantizes to the selected step length, but you can turn it up to 1/64 if you want to capture more detail.
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