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Where do you find amateur live shows? (NY/BK)
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Author Where do you find amateur live shows? (NY/BK)
Ive been patching for a little over 2 years now, but during that entire time I simply could not figure out where to find modular synth artists playing out!

Now when I say amateur, I just mean not going to see a modular gig from someone very notable like blawan or surgeon playing to a pretty big crowd in a club. I really want to be a part of that intimate modular performance scene where I can SEE the artist patching and really experience it fully. Maybe even have a conversation afterwards about the set and their performance rack.

I dont see any events based on google searches, meetup events, facebook groups. But I KNOW they are out there playing some gig every night.

Anybody have any leads or advice? I live in brooklyn, so I'm sure theres plenty of events going on. I've heard that people find a lot of their events through instagram, but I dont know who to follow in the NY modular scene either.
I'd ask the folks at Control. They'd likely know.
Reese P. Dubin
In the last 6 years gigs with people modularing in NYC have exploded
i cant tell you where exactly anymore cuz i dont pay any attention,but there is no shortage
seconded Control on Lorimer.

They were doing shows in their space next door. But they moved into that space and someone else is taking over their previous space.

I think they are still doing stuff at Trans-Pecos in Ridgewood.
Dylan from Eastern Tapes was doing stuff at Muchmores for a while. He also does shows at a church up in Greenpoint.

One way I've found out about a few shows was from following Hiro Kone, Robert Aubrey Lowe and Dan SnazzyFX on twitter and instagram.

I really think there needs to be a list of shows like the Bay Area's 'The List' by Steve "List" Koepke. Or the defunct Squidlist.

Heck, maybe I just need to be that guy who does it.
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