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Racking pedals
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Author Racking pedals
Mr. Aloud
As much as I like putting pedals on the desktop, I´m running out of real estate. I think about putting some of them in the rack, right next to the eurorack modules (which are in 19" frames).

What are the options to get the pedals mounted? I thought of using rack 3U rack panels (have several spares flying around) as vertical pedalboards. Pedals would get 3M velcro and maybe zip ties for added security. But that of course wouldn´t be flush. Using thick metal panels, things shouldn´t bend too much.

Rack drawers are out, being not as stable and constantly moving, also hiding the lower rack units from sight when pulled out. Tried that, didn´t like it.

While we speak, what about modding the cases to get some 3.5mm connectors on the front plate for audio I/O? Maybe even CV for the foot switches to automate things a bit? Those mods should be in parallel to the existing.

Anyone done that? Experiences?
Mine tend to hang around atop slab synths or live on a large-ish music stand. I have thought about ways to rack mount them, likely with a dedicated patchbay, but I am thinking that using an ikea shoe rack like the"elvarli" thing might be more flexible and demand fewer cables in underutilized roles. I would never trust this thing to hold a virus ti, but it might work well holding/organizing my "pedal modular".

I love your shoe collection hihi
Thanks! It was curated for my exclusive use by a team of specialists, to be trotted out for occasions like this.
I have a sliding shelf/drawer for a bunch of pedals in my largest modular setup and I partially like it and partially don't. Having at the bottom of the rack works well since there isn't any gear below it to be blocked when pulled out and it takes up a lot less space then vertical mounting. I "think" there are sliding shelves that can be locked at any position but I don't have one. One thing I don't like is the pedals in the back row tend to stay hidden because I don't like the shelf pulled all the way out all the time and also since the pedals in back aren't normall'd to my main mixer effects sends/returns like the two front ones are, I tend to not use them much.

For vertical mounting and keeping the pedal faces relatively flush to the rest of the gear take a look at flush mount rack brackets for video monitors. The depth of the vertical back-plane is depth adjustable and as a bonus there are usually lots of holes for passing cables through and maybe for zip ties etc. I haven't tried this myself so I can't say how well it might work. There are a few brands, here's one: t/dp/B00UVKCHLY
I'm using my pedals WAYYYY more since "racking" them. It's just a piece of timber with velcro & cable ties, and a small piece of aluminium right angle on the bottom to support the big pedals.

On the back I strapped a power strip to the bottom of a plastic container. Drilled some holes and routed the power cables into it. Then just bolted the container to the back of the timber. Then there is just the one power cable from the rack to power all the pedals.

It works really well. The container even makes it possible to stand the whole thing up without the need for a rack. You can pull it out and move it around very easily.

Currently working on another one!

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