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composing: ideas how tracks like this are made
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Author composing: ideas how tracks like this are made
Hey guys,

do someone have a general hint how this track is made? Is it based on some algorytm-stuff ideas? and if yes how? specially speaking about the part whats starting at min.1 im very curious about it..
this is the song:
It's possibly algorithmic but could also just be programmed using short samples (referring to the staccato beats and fills). Some producers use tracker software to achieve that. There are also some plug-ins that can do that for you like Glitch, now called Glitch 2.
It sounds a bit like an audio buffer 'stutter' effect like the Beat Repeat effect in Ableton Live.
no doubt it's a lot simpler than it seems.

sparse programming, gated samples, a few delays, some reverb... done.
If you listen to it, instead of seeing it, it's quite simple really.
I am guessing live with some conditional triggering and looping and a couple of fx..
sounds like a MachineDrum UW with the retrig repeat parameters Plocked to different amounts per step. With some manual intervention possibly, but not necessarily.

I do this all the time with my non-UW Machinedrum. You can also get some Plocked/conditional sounding stutters like this by just routing a random LFO to retrig repeat length. Sounds pretty crazy on a hihat pattern.

Octatrack is similar but better at this.
Ask the artist, perhaps? Few followers, I’m sure you’ll get a reply. w00t

I agree with what has been said above. Sounds like rather simple beat repeat style effects.
Renoise is a quite a natural tool for this kind of thing.
What data were you training on for the musical patterns?

MIDI – basically I trained the NN on patterns I create.

MIDI patterns, to deal with SysEx from a digital sampler and to manage recursive re-sampling and intelligent timestretch. Rather then generating the final audio, the goal here was to simulate musician’s behaviors and his creative processes.
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